Jesus and the Gays II: Sodom
Out of Africa, Sermon 8/4/13

Jesus and the Gays I: Apartheid, the Bible and Cultural Bias

This is the first in a series of videos that challenges the assumption that the Bible condemns gay and lesbian relationships.   Notes from the lectures can be found under the video clips.  




  1. It is a given that the Bible opposes gay relationships.  Or is it?

  1. The Bible obviously supports Apartheid?

    1. Tower of Babel - God intends separation of races

    2. Story of Ham and Noah results in Canaan, the father of the black races, being cursed.

    3. View reinforced when reading story of Hebrews moving into the land of Canaan and being forbidden to intermarry.

    4. Apartheid is not in the Bible, but if you read the Bible with a worldview that accepts apartheid as a given, you can read it into the text.

      1. You believe apartheid is correct

      2. You see stores in the Bible that can reinforce your belief

      3. You believe that your belief is divinely mandated

  1. What if the same dynamic is in play when we read the Bible through an anti-gay cultural bias?