Jesus and the Gays VII: Adam and Eve
Jesus and the Gays V: Romans

Jesus and the Gays VI: The Natural Order of Things

This is the sixth in a series of videos that challenges the assumption that the Bible condemns gay and lesbian relationships.   Notes from the lectures can be found under the video clips.



  1. But what about the worldview that is present in the Bible?

    1. Is the worldview that is present in the Bible authoritative for us now?  Is the worldview part of the good news, the spiritual truth, or is the worldview simply the ancient context in which the authors lived and they had to write from that context.

    2. Worldview present in some biblical authors

      1. God

      2. Angels/heavenly beings

      3. Men & masculinity

      4. Women married to free men

      5. Women who were daughters of free men

      6. Women who were unattached to a man to give her her value

      7. Lesser orders: slaves, concubines, gentiles, foreigners

      8. eunichs? lepers? people with deformities?

    3. For example, the Bible clearly supports slavery.   Is the Bible telling us that God’s intention for humanity is that we have slaves?  Or is the Bible telling us deeper things, and it happens that it was written at a time when the worldview of the authors included slavery as a given.