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Episcopal General Convention Resolutions Referred to Dioceses

 At the 78th Triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church, a number of resolutions were referred to dioceses and congregations for action, consideration or information.  Below is a list of those resolutions as they appear in A Summary of Actions of the 78th General Convention.  I have included links to the resolutions in English.  You can search for any resolutions in English or Spanish here.  There is a box in the top right corner for searching by number, if you want to see the Spanish translation of the resolutions below.


A001     Restructure for Spiritual Encounter
A011     Recommit to Criminal Justice Reform Study and Advocacy
A012     Continue Funding of Mission Enterprise Zones

A013     Continue Financial Support for Global Missions, Young Adult Service Corps, and Episcopal Volunteers in Mission
A014     Celebrate Episcopal Relief & Development’s 75 Years of Healing a Hurting World
A018     Encourage Interfaith Engagement

A021     Continue Our Commitment of 0.7% of the Millennium Development Goals
A024     Direct Dioceses to Examine the Impact of the Doctrine of Discovery
A026     Develop Local Models of Establishing Young Men’s Ministries in Indigenous Congregations 
A029     Protect Human Trafficking Victims on Indian Reservations in Montana and North Dakota
A030     Create Task Force on Climate Change     
A033     Support Latinas in Ordained Ministry
A034     Support Latinas in Lay Ministry
A037     Continue Work of the Task Force on the Study of Marriage
A049     Make Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women a Focus of Foreign and Church Aid
A051     Support LGBT African Advocacy
A072     Develop Awareness of the Five Marks of Mission
A076     Commend Use of Christian Formation Certifications
A078     Reaffirm The Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation
A090     Amend Canon III.8.6(g) Preparation for Ordination
A091     Affirm Work for Food Ministries and Food Security
A096    Affirm Relationship-Based Social Justice A102 Amend Canon III.12.4(a)
A112     Encourage Support for YASC and EVIM
A115     Amend Title III.12.9: Reconciliation of Disagreements Affecting the Pastoral Relation Between a Bishop and Diocese
A120    Amend Canon III.7 to Add 7.11; Amend Canon III.9, to Add 9.12, and Renumber 9.12 and 9.13; and Amend Canon III.12, to Add 12.8 and Renumber 12.8, 12.9, and 12.10
A158     Task Force to Review and Revise Policy on substance abuse, addiction and recovery
A159     The Role of the Church in the Culture of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
A176     Humanitarian Relief In Liberia
A179     Commending Memorial V to The Episcopal Church: A Call to Action
A182     Using Education, Community Dialogue and Internal Audit to Respond to All Forms of Racial Injustice
A183     Recommended Book Study of the Triennium: “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander (2010/2012)
B007     Participation in the Bible in the Life of the Church Project of the Anglican Communion
B008     Support Handgun Purchaser Licensing
B011     Amend Constitution of the General Convention (2012) Article II.7
B018     Support for Sudan and South Sudan
C014     Commend Charter for Compassion
C018     Pursue Justice, Peace and Security in the Holy Land
C020     Ministry to People with Mental Illness and Their Families
C031     In Support of Diocesan Mergers
C037     Sponsoring and Supporting Scouting Units
C045     Environmentally Responsible Investing
C048     Increase the Minimum Wage
D003     Amend Article V of the Constitution
D007     Amend Canon III.2.1 and Canon III.12.4(a)
D008     Amend Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution
D014      Question Ordinands About Addiction
D015      Encouraging Advocacy for Hunger Relief
D024     Affirm and Support Ministry to Appalachia
D030     Establish Parental Leave Policy
D034     Affirmation and Support of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990
D045     Support For Men's Ministry
D061     Task Force for Scholarships For Undocumented Youth
D073     Supporting Home and Community Based Services
D077     Uniting Families
D079     Education for Undocumented Families