What I Believe
What is Prayer?

How Christ Reconciles us to God and Ourselves

We were created for a joy that comes from living in holy communion with God and one another.

We don't live in Joy because we are paralyzed by fear, judgement, insecurity, addictions and general bone-headedness.

Jesus came to fix that, to show us the way back to Joy, to reconcile us to God and one another.

But how? How does Christ reconcile us?  In Lent of 2017, the clergy of Trinity Cathedral explored the Episcopal Baptismal Covenant in a series of five sermons. The third sermon was on the question, "Will you proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ." I used the opportunity to preach a sermon on the good news of the Crucifixion and then teach a class on a broader understanding of how God is in Christ reconciling us.  Here is the sermon and the class: