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July 2019

And Then Suddenly . . .

"And Then Suddenly" is a great podcast that looks at turning-point events in people's lives. When Anglea asked to interview me, I wrestled with which event to speak about: Laura inviting me to Burning Man, Pilar Tumulo inviting me into the world of Buddhism and Yoga, my friendship with Maggie and Linda that led me to LGBTQ activism, or the truly most significant - my relationship with Andrea that began when we were 15. I decided to talk about my conversion to Christianity which was foundational for everything that followed. The interview flowed into the LGBTQ activism that followed my ordination.

Resources for Daily Prayer

In May I partnered with Buddhist Brandy Davis and Yogi Liani Moore to lead a retreat on daily spiritual practice. For the retreat I compiled some of my favorite prayers. Here's the handout I created: