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Religious AF - Coming out to the Episcopal Church

After our second Burning Man as a camp (Religious AF) in 2019, I decided to share what was going on with the wider Episcopal Church. I met with the Dean of my seminary in Virginia and with his permission spoke with the students.  I also contacted the organizers of the Episcopal "Rooted in Jesus" conference that included a track in evangelism and starting new religious communities. They asked me to give a 20x20 presentation: 20 slides for 20 seconds each. It was my first opportunity to share what was happening with Religious as Fuck with the wider church. The format was a challenge since I first needed to explain what Burning Man was, which is hard to do in a few minutes.  The talk was well received but it was one of a string of presentations so there wasn't any chance for discussion or follow up. 

There were several folks who were inspired by what they heard and were eager to camp with us. Then COVID hit and Burning Man went virtual for two years. I am now getting energized for 2022 and am picking up where I left off in early 2020. Here's the presentation: