After Orlando: Driving out Darkness with Light

Here's a transcript of the sermon I preached in response to the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.  The gospel reading was Luke 8:26-39.


Another shooting.

50 people killed in Orlando in a gay nightclub, in a place that is supposed to be a safe haven.

Another shooting.

And then, hours later, here in Sacramento at Verity Baptist Church, a pastor preached a forty-five minute sermon applauding the horrific act and encouraging more death. This, almost to the day, one year after Dylann Roof went into a church in Charleston, South Carolina and killed nine people who were in the middle of Bible study.

Killing after killing. Shooting after shooting.

After every mass shooting we gather together as a church. After every mass shooting I stand in this pulpit and lament. But, for me, this time is a little different.

The constant repetition and drum beat of mass shooting after mass shooting is opening my eyes; I’m different because of last year’s shooting. I’m different because of the conversation we had after last year’s shooting, after Dylann Roof, a white supremacist, went into an African American AME church and shot people during Bible study. This event that happened in the wake of protest after protest against violence perpetrated on African Americans by police.

We entered into a conversation at Trinity Cathedral during Lent; we listened to people of color; we had educational conversations about race. I began to realize how I had been lulled into the belief that racism really wasn’t that much of a problem; I drank the post-Obama-election Kool-Aid and believed that we were in the post-racial era.  As I participated in our programs on racism, I began to realize that the danger and corrosiveness we’re dealing with isn’t just outside our borders, it’s something that’s happening right here with us. I, and we, were becoming more and more sensitized to issues of race.

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Sun Valley Wellness Festival 2016

I was invited to speak at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. This was my second opportunity to speak at this remarkable event. Last year I spoke about Christian spirituality.  I believe it was the time first someone was invited to speak about Jesus and Christianity at this festival.  This year I spoke about my experiences at Burning Man.  It great a great experience.  Last year I spent much of the weekend visiting friends.  This year, I stayed at the Inn and participated in the festival.  

Friday night I listened to Jewell.  

Saturday was MC Yogi and David Whyte.  I had lunch with MC Yogi and his DJ Brandon.  That night they had an amazing concert and we danced for hours.  Sunday was my talk and Marianne Williamson.  There were so many other great speakers, but I needed to work on my own talk.  It was a very rich weekend.  


Sun Valley Property News focused on the festival for their June issue and included an article on my talk using my own pictures.  It's the first time my photos were published in a magazine.  

The Wellness Festival folks published a couple of clips of my talk, including one of me blessing someone in the audience. 

Ashes to Go in Sacramento

For the third year, Trinity Cathedral had teams of people offering ashes and prayers to people passing by. We had teams at a light rail station, Caesar Chavez Park and in front of the Cathedral.  There was also a station in front of St. Paul's downtown. They prayed with over 150 people. It is always a moving experience. Here are some of my photos:


Ashes to Go 2016


In Luke's version of the Transfiguration of Jesus, Jesus was praying when the appearance of his face changed and his clothes became dazzling white. This detail gave me the opportunity to preach about how prayer is intended to change us, to transfigure us so we begin to see the world through the eyes of God.


Guest Preaching at St. Francis Church, Fair Oaks

Saint Francis Church in Fair Oaks is beginning a three month conversation about the Episcopal Church's welcome of people who are gay or lesbian. Their Rector, The Rev. Joe Duggan invited me to be with the congregation on the Sunday they launched the program. I preached and then gave a presentation and led a conversation after the service. It was a great morning. The congregation was very engaged. Coincidentally, on that same Sunday, Pastor Joy Johnson was preaching at Trinity Cathedral as we were beginning a Cathedral-wide conversation on racial reconciliation.  Here's my sermon:


Racial Justice Program Begins at Trinity Cathedral

Trinity Cathedral is participating in Trinity Institute's program on racial justice.  We began by hosting Joy Johnson, Pastor of Higher Hope Christian Church as our guest preacher on January 31. It was a great beginning.  We launch the program on Thursday, February 4 by watching Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's sermon that kicked off the Trinity Institute program and then watching Michele Norris's keynote address.  For the season of Lent we will meet in small groups to watch and discuss the other presentations.  Here's Pastor Joy's energetic sermon.