Just Be Yoga Teacher Training - Changing the world with love

One of my great joys is speaking with students learning how to be yoga instructors. I believe we can change the world with the power of love. In fact, I believe that ultimately that's the only thing that will change the world for good. And yoga teachers can be a vehicle of that love. In this talk I offer practical strategies for living with more joy, hope and peace - strategies that are particularly important in this time when everything is bat-shit crazy. And I invite the students to join the work of loving the world into wholeness. 


The Gospel According to Brian

As I prepare to leave Trinity Cathedral, I am teaching my last class, "The Gospel According to Brian." It is a summary of my understanding of Christianity and the teachings of Jesus. This theology has been shaped by my ministry at the Cathedral. It has also directed my teaching and preaching. I am not recording the four sessions in this series. However, much of this teaching is encapsulated in a two hour presentation I did for a class of students learning to be yoga instructors at Zuda Yoga Studio. Anne Marie Kramer, the owner of the studio, has asked me for years to teach her students about Jesus. It has been a gift for me to have to think deeply about my beliefs and how I would present them to people outside the church.  Here's my most recent session: