Resources for Daily Prayer

In May I partnered with Buddhist Brandy Davis and Yogi Liani Moore to lead a retreat on daily spiritual practice. For the retreat I compiled some of my favorite prayers. Here's the handout I created:


Upcoming Retreat: Spiritual Practices for Daily Life

For 30 years I've struggled with maintaining a daily spiritual practice. I know how important it is to ground oneself in prayer and meditation. I just have a problem doing it and sticking with it. Over the years I have developed ways of praying, meditating, studying and doing yoga that I can fit into my daily busyness. 

Now that I've left full-time church leadership, I've the time to work on some of my other passions, like leading retreats. I've asked two of my friends, Buddhist Brandy Davis and yogi/musician Liani Moore to join me in leading a retreat that can teach practical, simple ways of working spiritual practices into our scattered, busy lives. The retreat will include examples of prayers, mantras and chants you can take home with you. You can sign up here.

Spiritual practices for everyday life

Just Be Yoga Teacher Training - Changing the world with love

One of my great joys is speaking with students learning how to be yoga instructors. I believe we can change the world with the power of love. In fact, I believe that ultimately that's the only thing that will change the world for good. And yoga teachers can be a vehicle of that love. In this talk I offer practical strategies for living with more joy, hope and peace - strategies that are particularly important in this time when everything is bat-shit crazy. And I invite the students to join the work of loving the world into wholeness. 


Jesus at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival

In May of 2015 I was invited to speak at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival.  I had 75 minutes to talk about Jesus and Christian Spirituality.

This talk was given at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival on May 23, 2015. It presents spiritual teachings of Jesus and Christianity in a way that is intended to be helpful for the wellness/yoga community. This was my first time teaching in Sun Valley since he moved away from that community in 2006. This talk presents the teachings of Jesus in a way that can be spiritually beneficial for Christians and non-Christians alike. One of the intentions of the talk is to bring the Christian and wellness communities together so they can be allies in loving the world into wholeness.